Welcome to iTero, the latest in AI coaching for League of Legends

iTero Gaming is building tools to help competitive gamers learn more effectively, play better and climb further.

But what does that actually mean?

For us competitive gamers, we all eventually reach what we call the "soft-ceiling". This is where no matter how many more games we play, we just can't seem to rank up any higher.

This is where iTero steps in.

Online games produce terabytes of data each day, from where the players are on the map to the damage they've dealt. There's many places out there that can provide high-level summaries, like "Which character wins the most games?" or "What items do I use?".

We're taking this a step further. Using the latest in Artificial Intelligence we can identify actionable insights far beyond simple stats and summaries.

Built for esports, available to everyone.

How iTero will help you...

iTero is a new venture that officially began at the end of 2021. Although we have been working on AI in gaming for several years, this is the first time we're bringing them all under one roof for all to use.

Our tools will cover a broad range, whether that's a coaching tool, tier lists, niche stats, novel graphs, personality quizzes and more!

Initially, all products will be focused on League of Legends. However, we're looking to expand into other games in the future.



  • Novel Graphs
  • The iTero Performance Coaching Tool

Meet the Team


Jack J

Founder & Lead Data Scientist

Jack J (MSc in AI) is the founder of iTero Gaming.
Having previously worked as a Data Scientist in finance & consulting,
he has been using his technical skills to study stats in esports for over 4 years.
His speciality is in using predictive models to find insights.
His main game is League of Legends.