Middle Kai'Sa PAIRINGS

How does Middle Kai'Sa perform against (counters) or with (synergies) other lanes?.

Win Rate Multipliers are applied to their average win rate. For instance, if the multiplier was 1.05 and the Champions current average win rate is 50%, then the updated win rate is: 52.5% (1.05 x 0.5)

NOTE: for now, the data is based on mid-Gold elo from EUW & KR.

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Pair Type THEIR Lane THEIR Champ Win Rate Multiplier Gold@12 Impact XP@12 Impact Games
Counter ADC Ezreal 1.0 77 70 521
Counter ADC Jhin 0.98 9 23 474
Counter ADC Lucian 1.04 7 -6 359
Synergy Jungle Bel'Veth 1.13 -36 -32 361
Synergy ADC Ezreal 0.94 38 -3 551
Synergy ADC Jhin 0.96 -21 -11 425